A boudoir photography experience is most certainly an investment. It is an investment in yourself! Boudoir is a luxury type of photography, hence the luxury pricing. It is unlike any other portrait shoot. Treat it as a gift to yourself! It is truly an experience when you work with a professional boudoir photographer. Skylar Fontaine has invested thousands of dollars into her photography education to perfect her craft. When you choose her as your photographer, you can be sure that you are in excellent hands. You will treasure your images for a lifetime.

Please note that a minimum investment in a boudoir session is at least $1000. Most women spend about $1500. However, payment plans are available with a small initial payment. You can pay $200 to reserve a date and then set up a payment plan up to 6 months in advance. Payment plans are offered to make this experience affordable and attainable to all women.

If you are interested in collection pricing and setting up a phone consultation, please fill out a form in the "Contact" tab.


What Clients Are Saying

"I recently had a boudoir experience with Skylar! It was beyond great to say the least. She will make you feel like you are meant to be there to do it! It was a lovely experience for myself. It was fun and she makes you feel so comfortable! It teaches you how to love the skin you are in, because if you don’t love yourself first, then it’s hard for others to love you. This experience is well worth it all, I promise. Grab a jar and start saving for YOUR OWN BOUDOIR shoot! You will cherish this forever. You will be in love. You will want to do it again. Don’t tell yourself you won’t look good or you can’t do it! That’s where loving yourself comes in to play! Just flaunt all you have and rock it!"

Casi B.