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"I recently had a boudoir experience with Skylar! It was beyond great to say the least. She will make you feel like you are meant to be there to do it! It was a lovely experience for myself. It was fun and she makes you feel so comfortable! It teaches you how to love the skin you are in, because if you don’t love yourself first, then it’s hard for others to love you. This experience is well worth it all, I promise. Grab a jar and start saving for YOUR OWN BOUDOIR shoot! You will cherish this forever. You will be in love. You will want to do it again. Don’t tell yourself you won’t look good or you can’t do it! That’s where loving yourself comes in to play! Just flaunt all you have and rock it!"

- Casi B.

"Working with Skylar was an absolute joy and definitely an experience to remember. She always kept it fun, but most importantly, kept it professional. She made me feel comfortable and beautiful throughout the entire process. I would get a little awkward in front of the camera sometimes and I wasn't sure what to do, but Skylar was very vocal with poses and how to look at the camera, etc. She is super helpful with finding angles to make you feel gorgeous. I would no doubt choose to work with her again and I would recommend Skylar if you want high quality images of yourself where you look absolutely incredible!"

- Celina G.

"Working with Skylar was such a fun experience. She made me

 feel confident and comfortable in my body. She was so helpful when assisting me with posing! I always love working with her. I highly recommend her services. You owe this experience to yourself!”

—Taylor V.

"I can’t even put into words how happy and IN LOVE I am with my photo album. I literally balled my eyes out when I saw them, they took my breath away. "

- Hannah H.

"I just wanted to thank you so much for making my 1st experience one to remember. I had no idea I was capable of doing a shoot like this, but I am more than grateful that it was with you  I am not a photogenic person and always hate pictures. You really made me feel very comfortable in my own skin and I can’t thank you enough."

- Alaina G.

"I wanted to send you a huge thanks for making me feel special for my 1st Boudoir experience and feeling Fabulous for Fifty. Your professionalism exceeded my expectations and a super big thanks for making me feel so comfortable..."

- Gina T.

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